FACING OLD AGE Part 1...What does God Say through His Holy Bible about facing the inevitable aging process? Old age happens to all of us, personally or to a loved one, but it need never be feared.
FACING OLD AGE Part 2...For those who believe that this life is all we get, then aging can bring on one of two mindsets: First, live on the edge for there is no tomorrow, Second, spend your remaining days left in depression and hopelessness.
WHY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP IS SO IMPORTANT Part 1...Many Christians show up in church, leave right after service for their favorite restaurant, and feel they fulfilled their calling. Is that all there is to accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ? Part one fives the surprising answer.
WHY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP IS SO IMPORTANT Part 2...The apostles of Jesus passed on the Savior's message about remaining in fellowship, for there is strength in numbers. Here's how we can remain united against all that the world and the dark powers in authority bring against us.
WHAT IS SALVATION--HOW CAN I CLAIM IT?...The most important goal of our lives is to be assured that we are saved and are co-inheritors with Christ on that "great getting up morning." Salvation is a free gift, but there is only one way to receive it.