Thruthegatheringstorm.com is a spin-off from lambstv.com, which was a pioneer WebTV site founded in 2005, a vision of Earl Hardy. The production facilities are located in a large high-ceiling home in Sebring, Florida, and was registered as a 501 (3) (c) corporation for several years.

We have produced over four hundred programs covering everything from Bible studies, to guides for living, and political commentary.

Our music pages include praise and worship, country, bands and concerts, and many of the performers are recording artists. The resource page will continue to add sources for Bible students, professional writers, and other specialized information.

You may contact us through email, mailing address, phone, and listed social networks found right here on this page.

We welcome comments, suggestions, questions and requests for prayers. God Bless America!

John 3:16 proclaims, "Whosoever believes on Him (Jesus Christ) shall have everlasting life." Our mission here at thruthegatheringstorm.com is to deliver that message of salvation to millions of unsaved men, women and children via the worldwide Internet. Our audio and video tools are: biblical teaching, prayer, personal study guides, Christian news, creation science, praise and worship music, drama, comedy, and principled entertainment.

Our control room features three video switchers, professional audio mixers, teleprompter and graphics computers, editing consoles, digital recorders, personal intercom, and monitors for audio and video
The studios can be arranged with as many as nine sets, and the programs recorded with four or more cameras and multiple condenser lavalieres. The lighting grid is wired for four scenes with up to 25 fixtures and banks of effect lighting.